Apr 132014
Why You Should Be Concerned By The Latest Security News - OpenSSL & HeartBleed

Last week’s announcement goes beyond the security community and you should not only be aware, but take some preventive measures. Read this article for the why and how this announcement affects you. First things first; what is open SSL?: It is a service that is used by other websites to provide an encryption solution with encryption standards called SSL and TLS. This is an open source project where programmers “help out” for free in order to [Click for More]

Mar 302014
A "Calling From Windows Support" Scam

I recently received a call from a really helpful person. I was told my PC had some very serious errors. I had already heard of scammers trying to take advantage of unsuspecting non-technical users… so I played along to see how far the scammer would go. This is the story of my adventure in the “Calling from Windows Support” Scam. If you frequently read my blog, you already know me as a technical guy with [Click for More]

I Was In The News Tonight

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Jan 312014
I Was In The News Tonight

Today was my first appearance in the local news, and it was for something positive! This blog post is going to be (somewhat) off-topic. While the subject of this article is about my first experience at a news set, the main subject of my appearance on TV was about smartphone and mobile device security. Today is Privacy Protection Day. This is the annual reminder the industry makes so everyone keeps their passwords safe, complex and original. [Click for More]

Nov 292013
For The Holidays: Tablet, PC, Xbox One or All?

This is gearing up to be one nightmare Holiday season. I say this in the sense that there are too many gadgets to purchase and it is looking like it is going to break everyone’s bank accounts. We happen to be in what occurs only once in a while; when new devices of different categories converge at their launch cycles on a single season… everyone demands the consumer’s attention, everyone wants you to purchase their [Click for More]

May 162013
MacWorld Biased? Just Stick To The Facts Next Time!

I just read an article from Roman Loyola from January, earlier this year… a co-worker sent me this article as we have some users at work that use MacOS and we are evaluating moving from Google Apps into other email and office SAAS/Cloud offering from different vendors, MS Office 365 being one of them. By no means we have made up our minds on which one of the offerings we will end up going with… [Click for More]

Mar 212013
Review: OtterBox Defender Case for Samsung Note 2

Ok so you now have your Note 2 and you are on the go and out and about your might be a project manager visiting sites and staff, it could be dusty or be a possible area that you might drop and damage that new Smartphone. While the OtterBox Commuter case I reviewed this week gives you some great protection the OtterBox Defender case gives you extreme  protection with a solid thought out design followed [Click for More]

Mar 202013
Review: OtterBox Commuter Case for Samsung Note 2

Since I have had my Note 2 the main concern that I have had is the potential of dropping it or getting a few knocks as I use it a lot to enter data for work, calls, ChatON, and SMS, so I am taking it out of my pocket and in doing so heighten the possibility of that Oops drop. I am personally a big believer in using cases, and can’t believe that consumers invest [Click for More]

Feb 182013
Review: OtterBox Defender Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 (4G)

Since I have been using my OtterBox Commuter case on my GS3, I have found on occasion I need something a bit more rugged and tougher, this is when the OtterBox Defender case steps in and takes control, for me I like the slimmer feel of the Commuter but love the ruggedness of the Defender I know that I have some tough protection on my device and it will protect it from bumps and knocks, [Click for More]

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