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Jun 242012


Over the last few years I have used Bluetooth headsets and very much enjoyed the freedom of no cables, sometimes I would use my HTC wired headset just because I liked the fit and if my Bluetooth headset need to be charged.

My view of the wired headset has been radically changed since I was sent Cygnett’s InSound Noise Cancelling Headphones, in my house I have a bit of a war with my Wife in regards to the sound of our two TV’s, one is in the Theatre Room and the other one is on the Family Lounge. If the sound is up on one it’s very hard to hear the other one. This has now been fixed with the InSound headset and a 5m 3.5mm extension cable, Modern Warfare 3 has now been played FULL sound. 


I was very pleased with the arrival of my InSound headphones, and great to see such a nicely organised setup, see below for a break down of each parts…


The headphones overall size is actually very good, not so large…
20120624_184709 20120624_184725 20120624_184752 20120624_184801 20120624_184819
1.0m, 3.5mm Cable 1.5m, 3.5mm Cable Airplane connector Cable Traveling Bag Hard Carry Case

I was surprised that the Headphones comes with an Airplane adaptor which is great for those that travel a lot and don’t like using the on-board headsets that they give you…


Logo is nicely done and not over the top so doesn’t distract from the Headphones itself…
Volume slider is at the top, Noise Cancelling button and indicator…
3.5mm jack port for the provided cables…
Like most men I don’t use or read instructions and wondered at first why when I turned on the Noise Cancelling button why I couldn’t hear anything, dah it needs two AAA batteries…
Once I put the batteries in the indicator turn’s blue and it worked, must say that the Noise Cancelling worked a treat on my 4 year old couldn’t hear him also blocks out “Downton Abby” drama my Wife watches…
20120624_194423 20120624_194452
The two supplied 3.5mm cables slot into the jack port on the headset…


I have found that since I have started using the InSound headphones I am loving listening to my music and watching movies. I tested the InSound Headphones on my Samsung Galaxy Note, (Original) iPod 16GB, iPad 2, Samsung Notebook (listening to music on it with the headphones as I write this review) and my surround sound system that is connected to my Samsung 3D TV and Xbox 360.

20120624_194221 20120624_194657 20120624_194726
The headphones have soft padded earmuffs, enabling you to use them for a longer periods of time… Fully adjustable to fit pretty much most heads… With loads of padding at the top of the headphones…
20120624_194517 20120624_194917
This was the saving grace, a 5m extension cable that I got from Dick Smith’s for $21.99 AUD add this to the InSound Headphone and I can reach either TV’s and not get in trouble with my lovely Wife…

The base and treble are excellent in my view, listening to all the explosions and battle sounds on Modern Warfare 3 on my Xbox is out of this world. With the InSound headphones I believe that I have been converted back to the wired headphone world..

TO get yours today head over to Cygnett’s website by clicking here

Well got to go Modern Warfare 3 is calling me up for another mission, until next time…

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Jason McIsaac

Jason has been using mobile devices for the past 12 years starting with the WinMo iPaq 1700 series PDA them moving through to conversion devices like the PPC-6600/6700 and also an Axim X51v, Jason has been working in the Telco industry for the past 8 years including Mobile Service Centre and Retail. He is now a Channel Rep for Mobile Manufacture. His current devices are the Samsung Note 2, Samsung Galaxy S3 4G, Samsung Galaxy S3 3G, Samsung Galaxy Note, Samsung Note 10.1, he also has the Samsung Mini 2, HTC Legend, HTC Sensation, iPad 2 3G, iPad 1 3G, iPhone 3G 16GB & an iPod Touch 16GB (1st Gen) in the house. Jason also enjoys reviewing products & being involved with technology. See Jason's Articles [HERE]
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