South Florida Code Camp 2008 a Success

Yesterday was a long day, I woke up at 5 AM so that I would make it on time to the Code Camp. Everything went great, I met with Silvia at the event. She is a friend of mine who was also going to the SFCC, chatted for a bit and then went on to the speaker room to make sure that everything was prepared for the marathon I was about to start (4 presentations – 2 in English and 2 in Spanish).

Our friends at did a great Job at organizing this event. We had a great attendance: 617 people registered early in the morning at the event. We had enough time for breakfast and lunch, where we could mingle and talk to everyone there. Here are some pictures:

Commons1 Since I had everything prepared, I went on to the class where I was scheduled to start with my first presentation.

I had prepared the same two presentations both in English and Spanish, which was a little bit easier than just preparing four presentations. My subject this time was focused on preparing an introduction to Windows Mobile aimed at seasoned developers that had no prior experience building apps for that platform. The second one was aimed at people with a little bit more experience with the Windows Mobile platform and we focused on what’s new in the .Net Framework 3.5 Commons2and the benefits of using managed code.

It is very refreshing to see how people’s faces light up when they realize that not only they can use the same programming language they’ve been using for years, but also that they don’t need to get a new tool. They get it right away and they can start programming as soon as they get back home.

The presentations went almost without a problem, except one minor thing; I forgot to turn off my screen saver with personal pictures of my family, and when I went on for a few minutes without moving to the next Presentation1slide, or I was asked some questions, the picture show would take over… on top of that, I forgot to disable it after the first time it happened (DUH!) and it happened twice in that presentation! Of course, the presentation went on without a problem, but I was a little bit embarrassed because I had forgotten to do that. I promise next time to turn it off 😉

People enjoyed the demo I created, especially the one that had reusable code that Presentation2they could copy paste onto their apps for using some of the demoed Managed APIs. The one that sparked the most interest was the one where the use of the State and Notification Broker API (SNAPI) was explained and a bunch of "one liner" snippets were demoed.

The event was a complete success, and in the end there were lots of books, T-shirts, goodies, a Zune, a 22-inch monitor, software licenses and a bunch of stuff given away. Everyone got something to take home, and more important everyone was happy at the end of the event.

I thank you all 617 of you for attending the event, and especially to the ones that attended to my presentations. I hope to see you at the next event so you can tell me how you did building your first Windows Mobile applications. I would also like to thank Silvia for taking the pictures attached to this post.

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