Orlando Code Camp 2008 – Preparing presentations

Today I am starting to prepare my presentations for this coming Saturday’s Orlando Code Camp 2008 (http://www.orlandocodecamp.com). There are no more spaces available, but if you want to attend, there is a waiting list in case some people cancel. My recommendation: if you are interested, still attend to check-in and if there are any openings, you may be able to get in.

And if you want to attend to my presentations we’ll make you a spot! I will give two presentations:

  • Introduction to Windows Mobile Development for Programmers: aimed at people that know how to program in C# and VB for the desktop and want to leverage their skills in a new and exciting field. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to transition!
  • .Net Compact Framework 3.5 – The Benefits of Using Managed Code: The next logical step for right after an intro to the environment. Details, do’s and don’ts on the platform.

This is a great opportunity for learning, networking or getting involved with your area’s user group. Lots of events every month, with cool subjects you may be interested in learning for work or personal betterment.

I will be posting the presentation materials soon for download. BTW, the event, attendance, and materials are 100% free!

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