Celio Corp Redfly now Supports Blackberry

Just as they promised a few months back, Celio Corp has released software that allows their RedFly to be used with Blackberry in addition to a few more Windows Mobile devices.

CelioCorp5The RedFly is a device that extends smartphone functionality. It allows the use of smartphones with a larger resolution/larger sized screen and a larger physical keyboard. This brings all supported smartphones into a similar feature set and size than current Netbooks in the market while keeping its price point lower than most Netbooks. All this while leveraging your phone’s current data access, browser, email and almost all other supported features.

CelioCorp3 All devices shipped from now on will contain the “Blackberry aware” firmware in addition to the already present “Windows Mobile aware” firmware. Users that had already purchased the device can upgrade the firmware with the software download available for free from the Celio Corp website (click here). The new software installed in the smartphone has a more polished UI and better interface all around. Once the software is installed on the smartphone and it connects to the RedFly, it will push the firmware to the RedFly when it detects an older version simplifying the whole process. I upgraded my device today and it literally took no more than 3 minutes.

You can see the more than 60 different smartphones supported by following this link (click here). Smartphones supported are listed by carrier, manufacturer and OS.

Celio Corp is celebrating this launch by giving away 5 Celio RedFly C8N (their top of the line device) when you subscribe to their newsletter (click here)

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