Life, Liberty And The Pursuit Of . . . Broadband

Finland_flag Yes, it may sound a bit awkward, but broadband has become a legal right, at least in Finland. Now, us geeks already can’t live without broadband access to the web. This doesn’t really come as a surprise, we knew this was going to happen sooner or later, although we were hoping sooner rather than later. Finland took civilization a few steps forward by becoming the first country to officially and legally guaranteeing the right to broadband for all its citizens.

The minimum broadband that they are guaranteeing is currently set to 1 Mbit, not much by current standards; however, it is promising to be about 100 Mbits around the year 2015. The Finnish government took about 9 months to make this happen. From idea to law, to right and with plans for expansion for the future… Now, not all is good news; the government is not actually paying for the broadband service. Instead it is forcing all broadband companies to assure anyone who requires a broadband connection be guaranteed to have such a connection of at least 1 Mbit upon request.

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