Barnes & Noble Releases Nook for Android – Free eReader For Android

NookForAndroid It was about time… now there is an eReader software for installing on your Android device. More specifically, there is Nook for Android. If you have an Android powered mobile device, you can now go to the Android Market and get (free of charge) the Nook reader. For other platforms like iPad, iPhone, BlackBerry, Mac and Windows it is called the eReader [here]. NookForAndroid1 The Nook eReader device can be found [here] The process is simple, after you installed the software, either create an account with Barnes & Noble or login to your existing account, and you can start enjoying your ebooks. This software has the ability to “lend” books to your friends, something that Nook eReader owners were able to do already. You will also notice that the software automatically syncs the page where you were reading last. For example; if you were reading on your phone on the subway, when you get home, you can continue reading on your home computer, without having to search for the exact page where you left off. NookForAndroid2 This is a great feature that helps you avoid the typical hassles of reading digital media on different devices. The software also syncs your bookmarks, what can come handy if you are taking notes or make comments about the content you read. One of the many features that come in handy if you are a student or member of a reader group.

I am surprised that it took Barnes & Noble this long to get to release this version for Android because the Nook (device) is powered by the Android OS. I assume that one reason may be that the Nook (device) has a considerably different software architecture when it comes to handling screen events and features. It has two screens, one black and white and the other color; the color one being the only screen that handles touch gestures. The only restriction listed is that Android needs to be version v1.6 or newer, which is extremely likely to be the case for most devices out there right now.

NookForAndroid3As reported before, you can access a free “classics library”, that will keep growing over the weeks. Barnes & Noble is committed to providing a very rich reading experience, and that includes giving access to reading the classics.  They have started adding about 8 to 12 classics every week. The list is going to be increased as time goes by. Additionally, both the Nook device and the Nook software supports generic formats such as PDFs and ePub. The latter is quickly being adopted as a universal standard for ebooks on the web. The software allows for selecting from 8 different fonts and 5 text sizes; allowing for younger and eager to read more per page as well as older, but eager to at least read in large font as well.

The company [here] already had an eReader software for Android. This is a company that is owned by Barnes & Noble, and has been in the eBook business for over a decade, but their software was not allowed to purchase from the B&N site unless you purchased from eReader. The Nook software as well as the Nook device allows to read the file formats supported by the eReader company, so if you happen to change your reader software, you should be able to transfer your ebooks.

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