First Android Trojan Sends SMS To Premium Numbers

AndroidLogo The security and antivirus experts at Kaspersky Lab, see [here]; have identified and confirmed the first Trojan malware in Android to send SMS messages to specific paid “premium numbers” (porn and astrology numbers). The identified malware sends SMS messages to numbers at $9.99 per message. It comes in as part of other packages and installs itself as a small Android extension indicating that it will act as a media player of sorts. The name assigned to it is “Trojan-SMS.AndroidOS.FakePlayer.a”.

Not all is bad news though, it looks like this Trojan is not as effective as intended or as bright as expected: It seems to work only in Russian networks and you must install the host package to have it installed anyway. This means that you are most likely safe… for now. This Trojan is most likely bound to evolve into a more viral and dangerous form. In my opinion, it is now only a matter of time. There is only a small step from this point to a full blown Trojan that could potentially spread across the globe and do some real harm.

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