How to buy a clone from China

Buying a Chinese clone is a risky business and not exactly the Tom’s Cruise movie where everybody speaks in English. But… The quality of Chinese electronics is raising while the price still unmatchable and that makes very hard to resist the desire to buy them. That’s why before you jump into this adventure I would highly recommend to read this article written by people living in China form more than 13 years.

First off, buying a shanzhai tablet can be tricky business. You’re essentially taking a leap of faith in buying something, typically over the internet, from an unknown company or brand that is in a far off country, that it would be difficult for you to contact or get a hold of should something go wrong with your purchase.

That being said… a big part of the reason we as “Westerners” started this website in the first place, after living in Asia for the last 13 plus years (yeah some of our team has been here even longer!) is because we were able to notice how improved and good some of the shanzhai products were becoming and are.

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