Motorola Smartphone With Windows Phone 7 On Verizon According to BestBuy mobile

MotoLogo OK, this is what Motorola, Verizon and Microsoft have in common so far: a new Windows Phone 7 smartphone to be released soon… really soon… end of September soon…

I was at the mall this afternoon and went into a BestBuy mobile (of all places) where I started a conversation with the source for this article. He claimed that Motorola reps had been there yesterday delivering the marketing materials forBestBuyMobileLogo the launch of a new Motorola device. I though that it would just be another successful Moto-Droid when my contact said it would be for the Verizon network. Boy, was I surprised to learn that it would be a Windows Phone 7! Motorola has been out of the Windows Mobile circuit for quite a while. In fact, their last successful smartphones using a Windows Mobile OS were the Motorola Q series. I was very skeptic about this bit of news and challenged my source with a few technical questions: was he serious? could this be Motorola’s return? what would it look like?

VerizonLogo I was convinced that he had some factual information but when my questioning pushed too hard, he backtracked and started saying that he couldn’t say more… this also gave me an idea that we might be dealing with serious news. I decided to come home and write this article… couldn’t resist the urge.

In his own words, this is going to be similar to an HTC-HD2 (those were the exact words he used); meaning touchscreen, large WVGA screen, no slide-out keyboard, 1Ghz+ (please note the plus, he said more than 1Ghz but he did specify by how much, I am guessing 1.5Ghz). Just to try to force more information or see if he was lying, I questioned why not just say that it would be like the Droid series and he was very specific in saying two things: no keyboard and Windows Phone 7.

I know this is too little details for such news, but this is what I have so far.

In any case, there are some clear contradictions here with what I confirmed before on prior articles:

  • The launch date does not match the schedule announced for  October-Europe and November-US
  • Verizon Launch on September: AT&T was announced as a premier partner which would point to some kind of scheduling preference. Instead, Verizon seems to be the one about to release first. Verizon was never mentioned as a premier Microsoft partner for Windows Phone 7, just as a partner.

These two items could be justified if only the announcement is made in September with the actual release later on; but the information I was provided pointed to an actual launch.

Additionally, Motorola was never mentioned as a Microsoft partner for manufacturing devices using Windows Phone 7. Now, these announcements were made a few months ago, so this could still point to Motorola deciding to move fast after seeing that all the major manufacturers are jumping into the water with Windows Phone 7 while continuing operations with Android.

Motorola is known to make quality smartphones… their recent Droid line shows that without a doubt. Let’s wait a few more weeks to confirm whether this is true or not, in the mean time I will post any specs and pictures if I come across the marketing materials (if I can get a hold of them) and the actual device (even if I only get the plastic unit for display only). I will try to snap a quick picture of it.

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