Windows Phone 7 to Allow Facebook Contact Filtering, Sync and both!

WindowsPhoneLogo As soon as the Windows Phone 7 emulator was unlocked and the developer phones were out many people raised the potential issue of how much chaos it would create to have Facebook friends comingled with actual contacts we would normally call. This issue referred back to the fact that Windows Phone 7 allows you to integrate Facebook and other social media sites into the phone, but with the down side of bringing your contacts from those social media websites into your own list of contacts… potentially increasing the amount of unusable  information.

Even though you may enjoy a good game or two with your Facebook friends, you probably will not be calling most of them any time soon, so what would be the point of actually having them integrated into your contacts. Supporters for one would say that this is a simple question with a simple answer: consistency! It would be inconsistent to have multiple lists of contacts, and even though it would be a much larger list, it would probably be no different than people with lots of phone numbers accumulated over the years. Some people in your list would probably not get called at all.

Having said this, Windows Phone 7 RTM (the actual version that was sent to manufacturing a few weeks back) was confirmed to have under its setup a feature to allow including Facebook friends under Contacts or to keep them separate. It would have been great to just stop there, but Microsoft has raised the bar once again with this OS and their attention to detail. The option to keep Facebook contacts out of your WP7 contacts will still sync contact information for those contacts that you already have on Facebook. Just think about having your friend’s phone numbers updated automatically whenever they change their numbers while still keeping out all the people you normally just play with on Facebook.


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