Lose It! An App For Us Fatties!

IMG_0090This is one of my favorite iPhone apps.  Lose It! is a diet app for those of us looking to cut off some of our bellies and show that nice bod that has been hiding underneath.

The concept of the app is quite simple: track what you eat.  When you first launch the app, you will be asked a few questions about your body, such as your weight, height, age, and gender.  Once you answer these questions, the app will set up a daily calorie limit for you based on that information.  From there, you simply record the food you eat and the app will add up the calories you’ve had so far and tell you how much is left.  You can also track your exercise as well.

IMG_0091The app also features a weight tracker which graphs your progress as you move closer to, or farther away from, your goal weight.

Other features of the app include online backup to LoseIt.com, the ability to track nutrients in addition to calories, and integration with Facebook and Twitter.

And let me say this app works nicely.  It helps me watch my food intake, and I’ve managed to lose 3lbs with it in the 2 weeks I’ve been using it.

Best of all, Lose It! is absolutely FREE in the app store.  So if you need to drop a few (or few hundred) pounds, get Lose It! today and start Losing It!

About Sam Joseph Hobson

Sam Hobson is an Afro-Latino computer nerd. He enjoys building, programming, and hacking computers and devices of all sorts. He is also a well versed programmer, experienced in Java and Python. He first discovered his love for mobile technology when he recieved his first smartphone, a Windows Mobile powered HP 910c. Since then, he has changed beats quite frequently, using Palm webOS, BlackBerry, and Android powered phones. He was born and is being raised in Texas (but is not a cowboy). Aside from being a gadget freak, he is also a music lover, and enjoys R&B, Hip-Hop, and Jazz music. Currently he is a Senior in High School, and plans to attend University of Texas at Austin and obtain his Ph.D. in Orthopedic Surgery. He is also considering University of Texas at San Antonio for a Ph.D. in Computer Science. At the moment, he is unsure. See Sam's Articles [HERE]