Windows Phone 7 Officially Announced

WP7 Launch - Steve Ballmer I am writing right now that my wife and newborn are both napping. OK, now let’s get a bit serious after yesterday’s goofy post.

Today at the long rumored, recently confirmed and much anticipated event; Microsoft and partners announced all the phones that will be available. The announcement itself was no big news, it pretty much confirmed what we all knew at this point… Windows Phone 7 devices will be available on October 21 in some European markets and November 8 this year in the US. Both GSM carriers (AT&T and T-Mobile) made their share of announcements as well. CDMA carriers will have their devices available on the first half of 2011, but they were not present at the event. WindowsPhoneLogo We got this information from the device manufacturers. Previously posted news on this site about Motorola seems to have been a plant from either Best Buy Mobile, Motorola itself or Verizon. The bit of news still remains unconfirmed and it could still be true, especially considering that their Droid plans were kept in secret so well for so long before their initial launch. I am hopeful this is true and come early 2011, there might be a nice device from Motorola for VZ.

WP7 Launch - Joe Belfiore Back to the event itself: the amount of information is pretty amazing… come to think about it; it’s a bit overwhelming. I will try to do my best organizing the pieces. The two main speakers at the event were Steve Ballmer himself (CEO, MS) and Joe Belfiore (Corporate VP of Windows Phone, MS). Some minor differences were noted between the phones announced and the rumored phones… for example, it seems as if most rumored phones would have 256Mb RAM and it turns out they now seem to have 512Mb at the very least. It may not be such a big difference, but considering that we will eventually get multitasking, if these phones are upgraded; the hardware should be able to handle it. Speaking of UPGRADES, all Windows Phone 7 phones will support the announced upgrade coming early 2011 with copy-cut-paste features. This comes straight from Steve Ballmer who announced the upgrade while at the same time indicating that Microsoft is obviously listening to what the market is requesting.

I will post soon (sometime between today and tomorrow) a list of all CONFIRMED devices and their spec sheet. Expect a one-device-per-page with full specs for each of them.


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