Windows Phone 7 – More Details

WindowsPhoneLogo After yesterday’s launch, everyone went post-crazy. In our case, we took our time, we’re analyzing what is being announced and looking at the implications of what’s coming, where and from whom. We are now able to post a quick recap, along with some more details.

  • Windows Phone 7 will be available October 21 in some European markets and November 8 in the US, everyone else will follow.
  • There will be 9 devices at launch. More will follow soon, more were announced than the initial 9 to be launched. WP7 Launch - Steve Ballmer We have reviews for all 9 of them and they will be posted later today:
  • Dell Venue Pro (T-Mobile)
  • HTC HD7 (T-Mobile, O2)
  • HTC HTC 7 Mozart (Orange)
  • HTC Surround (AT&T)
  • HTC 7 Trophy (Vodafone)
  • LG Optimus 7 (Vodafone)
  • LG Quantum/Optimus 7Q (AT&T)
  • Samsung Focus (AT&T)
  • Samsung Omnia 7 (Orange)
  • Some devices have been announced for next year by the manufacturers and we could only list them here.
    • HTC 7 Pro (Sprint)
  • AsusWP7 Other devices have not been announced, but there have been rumors of them and a few videos of people showing them off… we are not sure when or where they will be released.
    • Asus had a device shown off at some point. Videos have surfaced where the demo goes through an AT&T marketplace, hence the assumption that they might be released on the AT&T network but AT&T has not filed any documents about them. We are not sure if these are going to be offered eventually or if they were part of a a test batch that never passed AT&T’s approval.
  • CDMA devices for Sprint and Verizon have been delayed, however their availability is much closer that you may think, we are not looking at the 3+ year delay that other companies are supposedly taking. We are just talking about months here. The hardware devices are actually ready. Instead of having the manufacturers build the devices after the OS is completed; Microsoft is finalizing the OS drivers for CDMA to be applied into the devices that are built and working with beta CDMA drivers. From HTC’s announcement, Sprint will have the HTC 7 Pro to say the very least. Verizon has not leaked one bit, which is very consistent with the rumored Motorola device/s we reported in the past.
  • Windows Phone 7 has been confirmed and reconfirmed to support microSD16Gbexpandable microDS storage. On this one in particular we are actually see some very conflicting information. All storage memory on WP7 devices is technically microSD (installed on board or installed internally). Technically microSD is supported, the question we need to ask is whether EXTERNAL microSD is going to be supported. If it turns out it is supported by the OS, then the only explanation we could find for all 9 devices not using removable microSD cards, would be that manufacturers are applying planned obsolescence into these devices therefore making the consumer upgrade their phone whenever they run out of space. If the OS does not support external microSD, that is still logical, because that would be inline with Microsoft being consistent in their push for cloud services and removing local storage for a more distributed (i.e. cloud-based) solution. This push will potentially raise your bandwidth usage which will (technically) lower bandwidth prices or make huge loads of money for the carriers.
  • Steve Ballmer confirmed that Copy-Cut-Paste will be an over-the-air upgrade by early 2011.
  • Pricing for unlocked devices is not officially out yet. AT&T will offer all 3 devices for $199 with a 2 year contract. The other US carriers will most likely have to compete against this offer so they might fall into offering same or similar price.
  • Storage: I am not too pleased to see some devices with 8Gb of storage, it somehow feels outdated and out of touch with reality. A few years back 8Gb would seem fine or even huge, these days 16Gb should be the lowest end.
  • Flash support: Adobe has not made any official announcement other than their “we’d like to be on any platform available”. Microsoft has remained vague on this area, but it is very likely that Flash support will be there for Internet Explorer on Windows Phone 7
  • The Xbox Live avatar can be customized on the phones themselves.
  • PowerPoint presentations can still be emailed, viewed and sent to devices that act as video reproducing devices.
  • Outlook appointments and event invitations will be checked against the local Windows Phone 7’s database and when a conflict is detected, it will offer a nifty “I’ll be late” feature to let everyone on the next appointment that you will be there a few minutes later than expected.
  • So there you have it… Microsoft’s announcement in a nutshell.

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