Windows Phone 7 Updates

I just came across this bit of information about the update. There is an article in the Windows Phone website [here] where all these details are being listed.

The article goes on to talk about the "Update". Please note that the target URL for the post shows "january-update.aspx" which could be an indicator of the original title for the article or an indicator of the fact that it is planned for January like most are estimating by now. The article goes on to indicating that it is a "peek at some of what’s ahead" in the upcoming Windows Phone 7 Update.

A few features are listed:CopyAndPasteDemo

  • Copy and Paste: describes the basics of copy-pasting. It also describes how it will work. Simply select a word by tapping on it, drag the finger to extend or reduce the selection and simply tap on the “copy button” that will appear next to the selection. At this point the information is copied and in memory, now you just need to go to the place where you want to paste. Tap on the exact spot you want the text pasted and then on top of the keyboard (where you normally see the word suggestions while you are typing) you’ll see again the copy-paste button. Tap on that button again and the text will be pasted on the spot you selected. It also mentions that anywhere where there’s text (such as a webpage, text field, etc) can be your source of your copied text.
  • Performance: Just as it was announced yesterday at CES, this article mentioned that some form of performance enhancement has been applied to “the time it takes for apps and games to start up”.
  • Better Marketplace Search: This one is based on some pain expressed by most people that have been searching for apps in the Marketplace. You would not notice this if you normally would use the hub, go to the right category, select “top”, “new”, etc and then scroll down, but if you press the search button on your phone while in the marketplace the search applies to the marketplace. Mind you, the whole marketplace… not just the category where you are. You would receive a mix of matching apps, games, songs, artists etc… all from the marketplace all right, but not too smart. Minor fix, but with real benefits when you are searching for something specific.
  • Getting Phone Updates: This is the one that is really important for you to receive the update as soon as it becomes available. Go to your phone’s app list and tap on Settings. Tap on Phone Update and make sure your phone get notified when the Update becomes available for you.

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