Windows Phone 7 “Pre-Update” Out Now

WindowsPhoneLogoYup, you heard it here… Windows Phone 7 Update is out… but don’t get too excited, it is now what we were expecting. Don’t get too disappointed either, “NoDo”, the actual update you are expecting; the one with Copy/Paste is scheduled (now officially) for the first half of March.

To get into further detail, the NoDo update with Copy/Paste and performance gains on loading apps is still out there scheduled for March. This one is going to focus on “the way the updating process actually works”. This update will become available to all users (eventually), but only immediate to some users right now. Starting today, some users will get the notification on their phones that they need to sync up their phones with the Zune software via USB cable in order to get the update. Users need to be aware that if they haven’t been keeping updated their Zune software, then they will probably be asked to update it before the actual phone update runs. I personally recommend you to do that today, even if your phone does not prompt you about the WP7 update. That way you are ready to go.

The order in which users will be batched was not mentioned, so you could potentially see your phone’s notification while someone who purchased the very next phone (purchased next, enabled next, registered next, or whose serial number is immediately next)  not pop up for a few days.

The report that indicates this update to be available did not indicate of any changes in the delivery date for NoDo, so you should still expect it to become available in the first half of March. You should most likely receive your NoDo update with the same delay from the final release date than the delay you receive this first notification from today’s announcement. This means that if you receive this first update in 2 days, and NoDo is release March 12, then you should expect your NoDo update to become available to you on March 14.

Many had criticized Microsoft for not releasing enough updates, now it looks like we might get more updates than expected… If you ask me, I can’t wait either way.


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