No, We Are Not Done With Updates

WindowsPhoneOSLogoI am not going to complain, especially because this means that we’ll be getting bug fixes, new functionality, etc… but if the information I came across is correct, then we are going to have a series of minor updates BEFORE we get the Windows Phone OS 7.5 Update (formerly known as Mango). The most recent unofficial announcement came to me indicating that the next small update will correct a small issue with SSL that was uncovered. This issue affects all computers, all browsers, all implementations of SSL.

The main reason for this fix being required was that some fraudulent digital certificates (what certifies website A is really website A and not some malicious website spoofing the URL). This obviously affects everyone (including Windows Phone OS and all other devices, PCs, Macs, Linux systems, Servers, etc) and the update on the PC side was issued only five days (yes, 5 days) after the announcement. Since then an “SSL Update” has been mentioned.

Some say that because there so many delays, that we should sit back and wait a few months for this seemingly quick fix. In my case, I think that if at&t and the manufacturers want to regain some credibility that was lost during the initial updating process, they better get running now. In any case, it is all dependent on the completion of the initial updates being rolled out. Microsoft may come with an announcement pretty quick relating to this update, considering how quick they were to correct the issue on the PC platform.

Slashgear is calling this a “May Update” following the same process of naming the updates with the month in which they were initially released. They even go as far as announcing that it will be released on May 3, which could be overlapping with the previous updates. We should also mention that based on the established updating rules and agreements with the carriers; if an update to Windows Phone OS is under 20 Megabytes (this update may be particularly small), then it can be delivered over the air (OTA).

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