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WindowsPhoneOSLogoHi everyone, after a few weeks of being offline I have returned to writing. In these last few weeks a lot has happened… and I mean A LOT.

  • Let’s see where to start; Windows Phone Mango was branded as Windows Phone OS 7.5, then Windows Phone OS 7.1… same old, same old… Microsoft being Microsoft and its branding inconsistencies…
  • Windows Phone Emulator with Mango… although it is somewhat incomplete and not all features are in the emulator; anyone can download the Windows Phone Mango emulator and see what the new OS will be about. All you need is a PC where to run the emulator.
  • Windows 8 with Metro UI Start ScreenOh, yes, this one is great! The whole Microsoft end-user platform has turned a turn… for the BEST: Windows 8 was previewed at different events, the new UI is consistent with Windows Phone. Simple, beautiful, super-high performing, graphically clean. This is a revolutionary step. Every so many years UIs make a huge leap forward… this is one of them. DOS to Windows 3.0, to Windows 95 and now to Metro UI (Microsoft’s name for the Windows Phone –and now Windows- UI).
  • XBOX360 Metro UI1XBOX 360 will get a new UI, guess what? It is also consistent with Windows Phone OS and Windows 8! One UI, consistent, powerful, simple.
  • XBOX 360 will most likely be replaced with a XBOX vNext to be announced in the summer of next year. It’s not clear yet when the new XBOX will be released.XBOX360 Metro UI2
  • Back to Windows Phone Mango: since the announcement in May when “over 500 enhancements” were announced; there have been more and more demos of the new update and what those new enhancements will be… this is very exciting… the list does not seem to end. 500 or not, there are a whole lot of enhancements from the expected multitasking, navigation, twitter integration, to other seemingly minor but equally powerful for users that have lots of ways to communicate… such as threaded emails, single inbox for all your accounts, etc.
  • Development tools for Windows Phone (Mango) released. If you are a WP7 developers when you download the free development tools, you can now start development for the Mango release to come this Fall.

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