Passionate About Technology & Gadgets?

Are you passionate about technology and gadgets? Want to enjoy a 7 figure salary while doing what you are passionate about? Want full benefits and an easygoing life of giving your opinion on stuff? Want to review new devices, products and accessories?

Well then come write for Gadgetix… I can guarantee you will be able to write about what you are passionate about and potentially keep some of the products we get for review … as for the rest, we can all hope because I am in no position to guarantee. Who knows, maybe the site will do so well…

Drop me a line or two, why you want to do this, provide me with a published or posted sample article (not to be used on this site). You can contact me using our Contact Us page [here].

About Diego Samuilov

Editor in Chief/Founder Diego Samuilov is an executive, consultant, IT strategist and book, e-book and web published author. Diego has worked in Microsoft’s environments since 1990. Since then, he has successfully filled many positions related to the Software Development lifecycle. Having worked as a developer, analyst, technical lead, project lead, auditor and, since 1996 a project manager, manager, director and VP in the Software Development, Server, Desktop and Mobile environments. Diego is very passionate about the software development process, which has played a great part in his skills development. Since the introduction of the first ever PDA (the Apple Newton MessagePad) in 1994 and Windows CE in 1998 he has pioneered and pushed the envelope in the field of mobile software development. He has developed many solutions used in mobile markets, desktop and server environments. He participates in public and private developer community events. He actively collaborates with the community at support forums and blogs. Diego is the author of "Windows Phone for Everyone" available [HERE].