Review: HTC Sensation – Charging Holder with Tilt Swivel and Cigarette Lighter Adapter

512268Almost 5 years ago I did my first review and it was for ProClip USA, who design and make Device and Car mounts for different makes and models of cars, they are based in the USA. I have now revisited ProClip’s system and must say they are like a fine wine, it gets better with age.

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I use my HTC Sensation for basically everything from my Phone and mobile internet device and as my digital camera/ video, however now as I travel with the family around Perth it has graduated to my GPS unit with Sygic Maps.  I used to use a generic holder on the windscreen and would find the Sensation would heat up during the course of the trip, I hoped that with the Sensation now away from the windscreen and on the dashboard it might run a lot cooler and even work out better and make it easier to use.

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Both the Car mounting and the Device bracket and holder arrived in the distinctive ProClip packaging…


Please note photo’s are a bit off as I roped in my 9 year old daughter to take the photo’s…

The Device mounting plate fixes to the Car Mounting plate by four supplied screws…
Next connect the Holder to the Device mounting plate…
Next connect the Holder to the Device mounting plate by screwing the centre screw… Once completed it’s now time to mount it to the car…


SL270001 SL270003 SL270004
The unit clips into my Mazda MPV dashboard very easily, you can use the double sided tape supplied to give even more stability… The top clip fits in under the Cigarette Lighter… Once it clipped in I found it to be very stable and allowed me to move the Holder into portrait or landscape…
SL270005 SL270007 SL270009
The Supplied Cigarette Lighter Adaptor fits just above the holder and cable also hides behind the unit… I found the HTC Sensation just glides down the Holder… The Sensation pushes down onto the Micro USB power connector…
SL270012 SL270013 SL270014
Sensation is now secure… Different viewing angle… What it looks like from the Drivers seat…


We have used the new Holder for the past couple of weeks and I must say that the ProClip Charging Holder with Tilt Swivel and Cigarette Lighter Adapter for my HTC Sensation is awesome, keeps the windscreen clear nothing in the way and I have found that my Sensation is not running as hot, still will with 3G and GPS going.

I found the sound and position of the Holster to be perfect angle for me, even if I am the Driver or front passenger I can still turn the Sensation towards me to check details or GPS info.

If you are interested in finding one that is compatible with your car and device visit ProClip here

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