Review: Onavo Count – Data Usage App for Android

img1At work we get loads of customers that have upgraded from a simple Nokia, Samsung or Sony Ericsson that would last 5 days on standby and had no data connection, then wake up one day and decide to I’m going to buy my first Smartphone and its going to be an Android device. What is the first thing that they have issues with other than battery drainage? That’s right it’s Data, they seem to go over it in bucket loads, with possible large amounts on their monthly bill. 

How do you combat this? Never use Data? Wouldn’t that really just negate having a Smartphone in the first place.. in my view it would, so what else could  combat this? You can use a Data Usage monitor application I have used SPB Wireless Monitor on both Windows Mobile and now Android, it’s not cheap about $6.45 AUD, another App that I have recommended in the past is 3G Watch Dog, it has both a free and Pro version, still can be a bit to much for some Newbies. Now awhile back I found an article showing a new app on the market that helps you take control of your Data Usage, it was called – Onavo Lite, since it’s early release it has been updated a number of times and changed it;s name a long the way and Notification icon (Which I really like now) to finally be called Onavo Count. 

I downloaded Onavo and have been using it few over the last few months, my first impressions was WOW! This app looks great just so visually clean and on my HTC Sensation it just pops. It is so easy to use it is one of the first apps I install and the first one I refer to my customers both when I worked and the Service Centre and now in Retail.

Now here’s the screen shots.





On the Main Screen you will find your current tacking amount for me I have 3GB of data a month.

Under the settings you can enter your current data allowance and billing cycle date.

Enter warning amount, by default it is 75%

Enter Data usage block threshold, by default it is 99%






Data Plan Advice – Shows current data plan, data used for the month, estimated use, average use and a graph showing data amount You can view your apps that are using data either Daily, Weekly or Monthly You can also dial down into an app and see how you are going, as you can see I have chosen Facebook, you have options to restrict to Wi-Fi or Uninstall. Usage Profile shows what stage you are at and are you on the right plan.

I have Onavo on my HTC Sensation, HTC Legend and my Son’s HTC Explorer, and I will be putting it on my Samsung Galaxy Note when I get it.

To find out more visit Google Play Store and search for Onavo or click here

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