Windows Phone, A Growing Platform

The Redmond Giant is celebrating today. Microsoft’s Windows Phone has managed to overtake iOS’s place in the largest market in the world. The Chinese smartphone market is the largest mobile market in the world. The iPhone has managed to keep a 6% of that market in the last few months. Windows Phone was introduced recently… just 60 days ago. In that short period of time, it has managed to capture a 7% of the market toppling the iPhone from its current position.

This shows that when the conditions and opportunities are close enough to its competitors; Microsoft’s smartphone OS can grow at a faster pace than the established players. Additionally, this is also a validation of sorts for the partnership that Nokia and Microsoft have established. I am glad that the fruit of such efforts are becoming ovbious over time.

About 60 days ago, Nokia and Microsoft launched the Nokia Lumia 800c launched Windows Phones in one of the worlds largest telecom carriers; while the iPhone still struggles to catch on in the Asian market.

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