Windows Phone for Everyone; Book and eBook Available Now! [Updated]

I am very excited to announce that my first book is out and available for purchase in hard copy and Kindle eBook formats.

Windows Phone for Everyone is a guide for non-technical users who are exploring the purchase of their first smartphone or are curious about the new Windows Phone devices. A reference guide for technical users. This book can be used as detailed documentation of how Windows Phone OS and its features work. A how-to guide with detailed descriptions on how to use Windows Phone devices for those who are too shy to ask an expert or are experts but need documentation to help them move about their smartphone use. This book covers use of Windows Phone OS v7, v7.1 and v7.5 and Zune software to synchronize with your desktop. It even includes a sneak preview of Windows Phone OS v8 from the information gathered from multiple sources.

Who Should Read This Book?

This book is intended for technical and non-technical people. In the current market; everyone is a potential user of a smartphone. Smartphones can help anyone:

  • from the soccer-mom that wants to stay up to date with news she has no time for at home, organizing her kids’ schedule along with her own
  • to the technologically challenged that wants to learn how to use a smartphone
  • to the non-technical company employee that was just handed a company-sanctioned smartphone
  • to the retiree that wants to know how these little gadgets work-and-oh-by-the-way update the old cellphone
  • to the company executive willing to get a smartphone that has no compromises while being safer than other options in the market
  • to the independent professional willing to get good complementary documentation for the new smartphone
  • to the smartphone enthusiast that is excited to get the newest shiniest smartphone OS out there

If you fit into any of these profiles, you are planning/thinking about purchasing a Windows Phone or you have just purchased a Windows Phone; then this book is ideal for you. You will be able to either learn as you go or prepare before you make the switch. In the end you will find that this is an easy flowing book that will help you move as fast as you are willing to read.

If you are an advanced user, this book is also for you and can work as a manual. If you find yourself looking for a specific feature or how to make better use of it, then this book will more likely explain to you how to do so.

What Does This Book Cover?

This book is divided in chapters that increase in complexity as you get deeper into the features that Windows Phone has to offer. I have made every effort to revise and make sure that the content of this book is explained in a way that you will understand. Reading this book will not require you to be a smartphone expert.

This book is designed to work in three different ways:

  • Read-and-experiment for learning bit by bit and trying things out on your phone. This method will be particularly beneficial for users who never used a smartphone or would rather make sure they try everything they read and learn by experience.
  • Read beginning-to-end for a learning experience that will help you use your phone. I particularly recommend this option for users who feel more comfortable with technology and will come back to the book mostly for consultation purposes.
  • Manual: Although this book is no Windows Phone manual at all, it is detailed enough to be used for consultation purposes. Use this book as your source for trying to learn how to take better advantage of your phone on specific areas you may not be familiar with.

Windows Phone for Everyone, A guide for everyone who wants to set up, learn and master Windows Phone devices covering Windows Phone v7, v7.1 and v7.5

by Diego M. Samuilov

Available in Hard Copy and eBook

Hard Copy List Price: $19.99

eBook List Price: $9.99

ISBN-13: 978-1468112115

ISBN-10: 1468112112

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