Review: Tuff-Luv Faux Leather In-Genius Case Cover for Galaxy Note


A number of weeks back I completed a review for the Tuff-Luv Faux Leather In-Genius Case Cover for my HTC Sensation (now my wife’s), I liked the case back then and even with a much larger phone like the Samsung Note I now have, the Tuff-Luv Faux Leather In-Genius Case Cover really works, my wife loves the case on the HTC Sensation she can throw it in her handbag and not worry about the screen getting scratched, recently when I checked her phone for Play Store updates I found a mark on the front of the case where it looked like her keys had made a small indention, I checked the screen to make sure and found no damage, the indention slowly sprang back to only show a very small mark.

The Note version is just the same, looks great fits well into my pocket, gives good grip when handling the handset. Again as I said on my Sensation review would be great to have a belt clip option for some of those days you can’t have the Note in your pocket.

HTC Sensation – Review

Quick Overview

  • In-Genius Case; to keep all your essentials together. Free screen protection included
  • Pull-Tab function pending for instant access and a spare card / cash slot
  • Tuff-Grip moulded case to fit the Samsung Galaxy Note perfectly
  • Camera and all controls accessible through cutaways in the case
  • Made from high-grade faux leather in black
  • This Tuff-Luv product qualifies for our lifetime guarantee against faulty workmanship / materials – conditions apply
    Curtsey of




Front cover looks stylish… Back looks all business…


20120521_213234 20120521_213203
Power button is still easily accessible..  Same for the Volume keys…
20120521_212833 20120521_213007
Pull down the cover and you will have access to charger port… Even with the case closed you can still access your head phone jack…
20120521_213059 20120521_213250
As you may all be aware is the Note has the S-Pen, even with the case closed you can still get your stylus out and flick open the case with ease… Lifting the clip at the back reveals the camera and flash… Still can take those family picks…


As with the Sensation case the Note In-Genius tab allows your credit cards to be pushed upwards when the tab is pulled. See the video below for a demonstration…

Video Curtsey of Tuff-Luv 

If video doesn’t show click link:

Again I was very impressed with the Tuff-Luv case for my Note, I am currently thinking about get the Note for my wife for her next upgrade and if I do I know what case she will wont on it, it will be the Tuff-Luv case she loves the one on her HTC Sensation. Thank you to Tuff-Luv for sending me the sample unit and as always love the cases…

Visit Link here , cost is £24.99 GPB (about $40.11 AUD).

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