Review: OtterBox iProtection Defender Case for iPad 2


I am a Huge fan of OtterBox and have been for the past 12 years or so and in that time I have been lucky enough to have completed a number of reviews namely my iPad & iPad 2 which I had the Defender Case, since that review OtterBox has released a revamped and great looking update to this already awesome case called the iProcation series.

In this review I will be looking at the case up close, comparing it against the Original Defender case, these insights will show what OtterBox has done, improved on perfection. If you want exceptional protection which reeks of Style and professional looks, coupled with OtterBox’s high standards, well then I think the iProtection Defender Range for iPad 2/3 will be right for you. 


20120527_130324 20120527_130211
Headphone Jack port cover open… Vibrate switch and Volume rocker…
20120527_130020 20120527_130519
Home button … Front facing camera…


Speaker area looks great, no longer a clear plastic area…
Charger port cover is solid…

The Case is made up of four parts, here is a photo of the different layers courtesy of



The installation of the case is pretty straight forward the two plastic cases interlock into each other then you wrap the silicone case around this to get maximum protection. Here is another photo from OtterBox showing the inner shell…



Top: Old Defender Case ; Bottom: New iProtection Defender Case

20120527_132110 20120527_132133
The Front screen clips are now separated in the new case and the clips are very solid… The Front screen clips are now separated in the new case and the clips are very solid…
20120527_132220 20120527_132151
Headphone jack area is more compact. Camera and Power button, similar but I think the new case still looks loads better…
20120527_131341 20120527_131413
As I stated above the new iProtection case has in my opinion better… The thing that was a bit of a problem some days is the older case you could pull back the larger section of the case, this made the back less firmer and it felt it was slipping around the iPad. Where now the new case is SO solid..
20120527_131939 20120527_131610
The home button cover on the new case is solid silicone, in stead of a small strip… Another thing about the old case it the Home button cover was the slime silicone as you see above that I am holding this could pop out and was just a pain. Now no worries on the new iProtection case very solid
20120527_132307 20120527_131530
Even the plastic around the case looks wider and stronger… Big difference in the twos cases in that the iProtection Defender case has a plastic cover over the screen giving even more protection.
20120527_132524 20120527_132501
The new case on the left sits up a bit straighter than the older one on the right. This is also true in Landscape mode, just seems a better view angle in both modes…


OtterBox has implemented some new connection tabs and giving the iPad a better solid feel when it is placed in the stand.

The Shield Stand now has a more secure lip on the stand giving more up right display… As you can see there are now magnets on both sides of the case, this is to enable the Sleep/Awake function when you take off and put the Shield case back on.
For me the new improvements to the Shield stand seem small but that really add a lot to an awesome set up.

Here is a more in-depth look at the Shield Stand courtesy of


Recently I bought the Logitech Android Keyboard, I decided to get the Android version as I am looking at upgrading next your to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or Tab 2 10.1 and was looking to future proof my IT, the keyboard looks and works great still with my iPad 2 and with the OtterBox iProtection Defender Case and Shield Stand will look great in any office.



OtterBox now has a wide range of colours for the iProtection range, the last two Aqua Blue and Yellow are web exclusive colours.

apl2-ipadd-20 apl2-ipadd-m3 apl2-ipadd-m4 apl2-ipadd-m6 apl2-ipadd-m2 apl2-ipadd-m5

So to get yours today please visit

Keep a look out for my next review – OtterBox Commuter Case for Samsung Galaxy Note.

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