Review: OtterBox Commuter Case for Samsung Galaxy Note N7000B


With the release of OtterBox’s Commuter case for the Samsung Galaxy Note, we now have ultimate protection coupled with style and sophistication. I have been using OtterBox cases for quite a few years and always been impressed with the high standard of workmanship and design that has gone it the cases.

I currently work in the Mobile Phone Retail sector and pretty much find that OtterBox is the top case sold, why? Well it just gives overall protection either with the Commuter series or the Defender Case, with the Plastic & Silicon combination and the raised edges around the screen gives you protection at a great price and add that it looks great in any environment be it Work, Play or Professional.

Here’s some info from OtterBox’s Website…

  • Samsung Galaxy Note N7000 (All carriers)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note LTE SGH-i717 (All carriers)
  • Features:
  • Full access to all the Samsung Galaxy Note’s buttons and features, including the camera, flash and stylus pen
  • Silicone plugs offer coverage of the Note’s volume controls, power button, headphone jack, micro USB opening and charging port
  • Includes a clear self-adhering protective film for the touch screen
  • Two layers of protection include a tough silicone inner layer and a smooth yet sturdy polycarbonate outer layer
  • Material:
  • Screen Protection: Self-adhering protective film (comes with screen cleaning cloth and bubble squeegee)
  • Inner Layer: Durable silicone surrounds the Galaxy Note to create a cushion against impact
  • Outer Layer: Smooth and sturdy polycarbonate shell protects the Note from impact without being bulky in your pocket
  • Environmental Protection:

    The Commuter Series Galaxy Note case provides added protection against bump and shock but is NOT protective against water.

    Information is courtesy of

    THE CASE ==>

    The Case looks smart and stylish, adds to the Galaxy Note rather than hinders. It does add a bit of bulk to the device, however I found that it didn’t stop me using it in my pocket or make it to hard to use. In fact it gave me a lot of confidence picking up the handset, knowing that it was well protected.
    The back has a pattern etched on the back to give a bit better grip while holding it.


    Picture courtesy of
    Installation is pretty standard for most of the Commuter Series with a Silicon Case first followed by the plastic out case, the Galaxy Note slips into the Silicon Case very easily, however you do need to lift up the plastic top/bottom and side a bit to snap it into place, once the case is on it really feels strong and solid. Comes with two screen protectors one for the International Note – has the centre home button or the USA version with the 4 capacitive buttons.

    THE CLOSE UP ==>

    IMG_2763 IMG_2759
    At the top you have the Headphone jack and Sound cancelling mic… At the bottom from left to right – Micro USB charger port, Mic and S-Pen slot…
    IMG_2760 IMG_2761
    Power button is raised up from the Silicon casing enabling you access weather the lights are on or off… The same goes for the Volume keys as well, feels nice to touch and use…
    IMG_2755 IMG_2756
    The bottom are is nice and clean, just above and to the right of the S-Pen slot is the Speaker slot, for a tiny Speaker out let the Galaxy Note packs a very loud Speaker… Notice you have a large area around the S-Pen to give you full access, easy to take the S-Pen out and back in…
    IMG_2765 IMG_2766
    You still have full access to the Home Button and two on screen buttons left / right of the Home Button… As I stated at the beginning the case is raised around the edges of the screen allowing you place the handset screen down…
    IMG_2768 IMG_2769
    I have found that with the case on both my self, my wife and kids can pick up my Note and use it well, when I have had to give my phone to my work mates to use they all have also found that is was still easy to use even with the add bulk and didn’t impede in the overall use of the phone.


    The first thing I hear at work when people see the Samsung Galaxy Note is “WOW THATS HUGE!”, “HOW DO YOU FIT THAT IN YOUR POCKET?” Well I have found that it fits quite well in my pockets be it my work jeans, levis Jeans, Sweatpants or even my shorts.

    IMG_2772 IMG_2773 IMG_2774 IMG_2775 IMG_2776

    As you can see the Note fits really well in my Levis Jeans with only a slight outline, even when sitting down it is still comfortable, I feel a lot better with the OtterBox Commuter case on the Note when it is my pocket, I just know that it is fully protected. Taking out the Note is very easy as I now can grip the edge of the Commuter case and pull it out of my pocket.

    IMG_2779 IMG_2780

    As you can see above shows a very faint outline of the Galaxy Note, when I am talking to my customers about the Note at work they all ask how you can carry it in your pocket… I then advise them I have the Note and carry it in my pocket. Just astounds them that even with an OtterBox case it still fits and doesn’t show as much.


    A while back I Completed a review of Cygnett’s Tablet Stand, I really don’t use it for my iPad 2 *CHOKE* (waiting for the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 to be released…) instead I use it for my Note, now with the OtterBox Commuter case it fits perfectly and looks awesome. I can charge it, have it in Portrait or Landscape mode.

    IMG_2787 IMG_2796 IMG_2788 IMG_2795 IMG_2801

    Looks pretty dam good with my Logitech Android Bluetooth Keyboard and Logitech M555b Bluetooth Mouse, shows the case off really nice, I have it beside my bed in portrait mode.



    As I have stated I am a huge OtterBox fan and pretty much have an OtterBox case for all of my gadgets, from left to right, top to bottom: Samsung Galaxy Note – Commuter; Dell Streak – Commuter Case (I no longer have the Streak due to drinking to much water..); Very, very old iPhone 3G – Commuter Case(now been given to my 4 year old as an iPod, or as he calls it his “iPlod”; HTC Legend – Commuter (Now given to my 11 year old son), iPad 2 – iProtection Defender Case; iPad 2 – Defender Case; iPad – Defender Case. Missing from the photo is my Wife’s HTC Sensation which also has a – Commuter Case.


    ONLINE ==>

    Head over to OtterBox’s website by clicking here to view either the Commuter Case or the Defender Case, I am hopping to try the Defender Case over the next few weeks. Cost is $44.95 from their website.

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    What else can OtterBox add to an already awesome line of cases? Well what about Water, Dust, Crush and Drop proof? As I reported a few weeks back OtterBox will be releasing a new series of cases called Armor. The first cases will be for the iPhone 4/4S. I have been informed that they will be looking at other devices, hopefully the Galaxy Note…?

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