Nokia Lumia Line Sells More Units Than iPhone Plus Samsung Android Lines Together

Since the launch of its Lumia line of smartphones, all of which use the Windows Phone OS; it has outsold the iPhone and Samsung’s Android lines combined! The success was calculated for their respective first, second and third quarters of life. At the end of its 9th month of life, Nokia has sold 6.9 Million Lumia units, at this same point in their life; the iPhone had sold only 3.7 Million units and Samsung’s prolific Android line had sold only 1.3 Million units.

However, not all is great in the Nokia camp… this is the third consecutive billion-dollar quarterly loss. If anyone can weather this storm, it should be Nokia  since it has multi-billion dollar reserves. Nokia should be able to survive and even turn some serious profit if the trend continues. Given that it jumped into the smartphone arena so late and made such a bold move of essentially throwing away its own legacy phone OS (Symbian) and its smartphone OS (MeeGo) for a switch to Windows Phone OS.

Analysts say that for this trend to continue, Nokia must continue this sales trend and be able to come up with devices that should stand out. I think that should not be a problem considering the current offerings by Nokia and that they have unofficially confirmed that their 42 Megapixel camera technology will be coming to their Windows Phones. With that feature alone and considering that their only and closest competitor across all smartphone platforms can do only 16 Megapixels and the rest of the market is somewhere around the 5 to 8 Megapixels… it should not be much of a problem.

Microsoft has a history of playing for long term wins; the Xbox is clear proof of that. Windows Phone is clearly taking that same route and Nokia’s seemingly bold move doesn’t seem to be that crazy after all.


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