Mini Review: Cygnett Official London Underground cases for iPhone Unboxed

A few weeks back I posted about the up and coming release of Cygnett’s new Official London Underground cases for iPhone here, Well I was sent a couple to have a look at. I currently don’t have an iPhone 4 or 4S, however took these lovely cases to work where 90% of the staff are Apple fan boys/girls, so was able to get some feed back and try them out.

Cygnett’s Transport for London Series for iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, RRP $24.95;


IMG_2855 IMG_2854
TubeMap: ditch the A-Z when travelling in central London with this scale tube map case, featuring a glossy, pocket-friendly finish. NightLines (DayLines): both powder-soft rubberised cases pop with the vivid colour palate of London Underground train lines, over DayLines’ bright white or NightLines’ moody black.
IMG_2856 IMG_2866
The box looks great for both, they come with the clip on case and screen protector…
IMG_2862 IMG_2867
Up close the look awesome, both are so different yet have a real class about them, when I showed them at work, my work mates loved them, they thought the TubeMap was cool, but loved the colours of the NightLines case (even if they didn’t know the names…)
IMG_2863 IMG_2868
The cases just clip onto your iPhone 4 or 4S….
IMG_2859 IMG_2869
Smooth corners and great lines the case will make your iPhone standout from the crowed…

Retail stockists include Optus, Harvey Norman and JB Hi Fi. Get yours today!

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