Press Release: Cygnett releases Official Transport for London cases For Galaxy SIII


With Samsung Galaxy S III – the Official Phone of the Games – taking the world by storm and Cygnett set to release the Official Transport for London cases for the SIII in mid-July, it’s time to limber up for the Games.

London will be calling on the Galaxy SIII, with every athlete sporting a limited edition model of the device – not to mention a good proportion of the rest of the world. Sales of the very-fit smartphone are predicted to be close to 21.5 million by Q3 2012, according to International Business Times.

Cygnett will release their Official Licensed Transport for London Series (Registered User no. 11/4927) and Great Britain case for the Official Phone of the Games throughout the world in mid-July, just before the opening ceremony.

Samsung Galaxy S III users can wrap their phone in their favourite London icon (RRP $24.95);

TubeMap; perfect for getting around central London during the Games, the precise tube map features Leicester Square, Oxford Circus, Convent Garden and more.

Underground; the embossed, iconic logo, ‘the roundel’, designed by Edward Johnston in 1908.

NightLines and DayLines; iconic coloured train lines, over black or white, features a powder-soft rubberised texture.

TubeTrain and NightBus; each captures the movement of the tube and double-deckers, in dynamic, white line design, over a black glossy background.

Union Jack; an attractive powder-soft, raised texture case commemorating the Games, Queen’s Jubilee and all things British. (RRP $29.95)


Cygnett have posted videos on the cases on their YouTube Channel, featuring the Samsung Galaxy S III Transport for London and Great Britain cases. Click to view;

To track the cases down, visit

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