Review: Cygnett Lavish Connect Bluetooth Folio Case The new iPad

lavish-sandstonebluetooth-newipadOver the past year or so I have been trying to find a Bluetooth Keyboard to use on my iPad 2, I have a Logitech one that is for Android that does work on my iPad 2 but it means that I have carry it around with me separate from the iPad, until now Cygnett has released their new Lavish Connect Bluetooth Folio Case The new iPad (iPad 2 compatible also). This Lavish case has a Bluetooth Case that sits within the case and can be taken out.

”Ideal for easy on-the-go use, the protective Lavish Connect features a super-thin magnetically-attached 84-key QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard and integrated stand. Concealed magnets activate the sleep/wake function and keep the case securely closed when your new iPad is not in use.”
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When I took the case to work to show my work mates as pretty much 90% of them have an iPad 2 or 3, they all loved the case and one even wanted to take it home, one wanted it in hot pink… yes she loves that colour, maybe a black case with highlighted pink…


I was quite surprised with the feel and the look of the case, simple but elegant look speaks business and functionally use. 

  • Slim folio case includes magnetically-attached yet easily removable Bluetooth keyboard, allowing you to make the most of your new iPad experience
  • Beautifully crafted & elegantly designed to protect your new iPad from drops & scratches
  • Concealed magnets keep the case securely closed when The new iPad is not in use
20120703_182212 20120703_182222
The front case is smooth and classy, with the Cygnett logo showing prominently in the middle… The back has kick stand in the middle, see below for closer view, and camera cut out at the top left corner…


20120703_182343 20120703_182335 
The iPad slips in from left to right…
The iPad is kept nice and safe with a flap that tucks under the iPad…
20120703_182148 20120703_182116
The kick stand is connected to the back with additional support of a ribbon… The keys have good feed back, a bit small for my large hands, however once I played with it for a while I could touch type with a only a few errors…
20120703_182104 20120703_182153
The Keyboard is charged via MicroUSB, and all connection buttons next to it… Close up of Camera cut out…


I must admit that the actual set up of the case and the iPad was great, no need to take the separate keyboard with you, my wife liked this case a lot more that me, so will most likely be using it loads more. She just liked the keyboard and how easy it was to set up and connect to the iPad and that she could use the keyboard with no real checking of the buttons (she has smaller hands than me…).

I could really see this case being used on the train, plane or your next business meeting.

The keyboard looks great and will turn heads at your next meeting…
The Lavish Connect Bluetooth Folio Case closed…

To find out more and where you can buy yours visit here

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