Welcome To The Post-PC Era – Here’s Your New PC!

The Post-PC era is here… mobile and touch devices are all over the place. Sub-PC devices and other convenient, light and long-battery life devices are here to stay; and as users begin the adoption process, they start to question whether they should really be using their “full-blown” PCs… the truth is that for most users, their the typical activity is to consume information: they access video and music, emails, read, access social media, browse the web and keep their documents and pictures. However you see it, users will mostly (and this is a key word: “mostly”) consume content.

With the availability of content consumption-specific devices and some cloud-services such as storage, it is now an easier choice for consumers to choose a device that was specifically tailored for their needs. Users who will most likely not need to create content can easily choose to rid themselves of their home PC or laptop and choose to go for the far-easier to make choice: the Post-PC device!

Back to the key word I mentioned before: Users will “mostly” consume  content… but what about when they need to create content? Will they need another device; dedicated to their content creation? What about their budgets: their content consumption devices are less expensive than PCs but they are still not cheap, do consumers now need to purchase two devices? So, here is the main issue where most consumers will end up disappointed with their devices: Yes, they will enjoy consuming content in a personal device but will be extremely disappointed by the inability to create content with those devices.

Enter Windows 8.

This new Windows version is not just for PCs any more… it also runs on Post-PC devices making them the ultimate Post-PC PCs! Tablets running the lightest version of the Windows 8 OS are truly mobile, practical, terribly easy to use and a much safer option than regular run-of-the-mill PCs. Yes, there will be a few draw-backs such as not being able to run legacy software on Windows RT, but they will still be able to create content in a reasonable way while still being able to use a content consumption device. Some consumption grade devices even run Windows 8 Pro which can run legacy software.

Windows 8, in all its versions breeds new life to the PC by re-imagining the whole PC concept. Windows 8 devices will be here to stay in only 4 days and they will transform how you use your PC without needing to get completely rid of it.

The PC is dead, long live the PC! or more accurately: the PC is dead in its old form, long live the PC in its new form!

About Diego Samuilov

Editor in Chief/Founder Diego Samuilov is an executive, consultant, IT strategist and book, e-book and web published author. Diego has worked in Microsoft’s environments since 1990. Since then, he has successfully filled many positions related to the Software Development lifecycle. Having worked as a developer, analyst, technical lead, project lead, auditor and, since 1996 a project manager, manager, director and VP in the Software Development, Server, Desktop and Mobile environments. Diego is very passionate about the software development process, which has played a great part in his skills development. Since the introduction of the first ever PDA (the Apple Newton MessagePad) in 1994 and Windows CE in 1998 he has pioneered and pushed the envelope in the field of mobile software development. He has developed many solutions used in mobile markets, desktop and server environments. He participates in public and private developer community events. He actively collaborates with the community at support forums and blogs. Diego is the author of "Windows Phone for Everyone" available [HERE].