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I have been lucky of the past few weeks to get my hands on some iPhone 5 cases from Cygnett, I decided to compile a small introduction to some of these exciting cases and what I think of the design and possible usability. The hard part is I don’t have an iPhone 5 but that’s never let me down before.

Slate Grey Workmate


For me Protection is everything next to design, so for those that have a busy life and are out and about and just want their new iPhone 5 protected at all times then this case is for you.

“WorkMate combines a heavy duty shell and impact resistant inner to defend your iPhone at work or play. The slim fit, dual material case is extra protective and pocket-friendly. Enjoy access to all functions and screen protector.” Courtesy of 





Fits nicely in my hand, felt comfortable. Volume keys are easy to get to and well as the vibration rocker Power button is defined to give fast access and know just the place to press. At the bottom all ports are open, including speaker, Charger port,


Black Vector


Looks tough and feels great, yet still looks very sleek and professional. 

Vector intersects form and function, with sleek lines and impact resistant design. Inspired by the angles of skyscrapers and stealth jets, it’s pocket friendly and provides access to all functions. Includes a screen protector. “ Courtesy of 





Great patterned back giving good grip. Volume buttons are covered and vibrate rocker is open. Full access to speaker, charger port and headphone jack. Another view of the tough looking back…


Orange Bulldozer


If your on the go and want something that stands out but is still tough, then Bulldozer just like its name will keep on trucking.

Bulldozer is extra-protective and impact resistant, inspired by bulldozer tracks and made tough for active lifestyles. Enjoy easy-grip texture, constructed edges and access to all functions. Includes screen protector.” Courtesy of 





The Orange colour just pops and the Black looks sleek. Fits nicely in the hand and gives good grip. Volume keys are raised for easy access at anytime as is the vibrate rocker. All ports are open to give easy access and use.


Black Apollo


A case even Captain Kirk would have envied, this vibrant case offers great protection with added style and character.

“Space-age Apollo is impact resistant, fingerprint proof and anti-scratch, offering 360 degree protection for iPhone 5. With raised edges and a grooved, shock absorbent interior, it attaches and removes with ease. Enjoy access to all functions. Includes a screen protector.”  Courtesy of 





The Blue case just pops and gives a stylish look and feel. The Volume keys are etched into the side giving a more profession feel. Power button is also etched making it easier to find. At the bottom all the

Green AeroGrip Feel


The AreoGrip range will suit your everyday use, either the Feel, Crystal or Forum all offer something light, thin and easy to snap on. Change your style and colour to match your day.

AeroGrip Feel is slim fit, hard case with soft texture finish. The snap-on, ergonomic design includes side grip, protection for the edges of your iPhone and access to all functions. Includes a screen protector.” – Courtesy of   





Combining a hard snap on case but with a soft feel. On this case the Volume keys and Vibrate rocker are open. Top is open As is the bottom.

Black – UrbanShield


For the up and coming business man or woman who wants a slick and well made case the look no further than the UrbanShield.

“Set yourself apart with the brushed aluminium, dual material UrbanShield for your iPhone. Precision-machined, this slim statement case protects against scratches and allows access to all functions. Includes a screen protector.” – Courtesy of 





Smooth and classic, this case screams success. Volume Keys and Vibrate rocker are fully open to the world As is the top. And the bottom.


ICON – Echidna Dreaming & ICON – Rain Making


Want something that is truly Australian, then the Icon range with the Echidna Dreaming and  Rain Making will make your phone standout from the rest.

“World-famous Ronnie Tjampitjinpa of Papunya Tula Artists is a grand master of the Australian Indigenous Western Desert Art movement. Artwork steeped in Aboriginal dreamtime adorns the hard, slim case and includes a screen protector.” – Courtesy of 





The graphics on both cases gives a difference that is very appealing. On this case the Volume keys and Vibrate rocker have a cut out. Top is again open. As is the bottom, giving full access.

ICON – Haven


The Icon – Haven takes style and looks to a new level and also entertains at the same time as giving you protection.


“Australian-born animator Nathan Jurevicius is the creator of the Scarygirl graphic novel and on-million player online game. Be enthralled by the hypnotic Scarygirl fantasy-scape Haven on the hard, slim case. Includes a screen protector.” Courtesy of 





The graphics on both cases gives a difference that is very appealing. On this case the Volume keys and Vibrate rocker have a cut out. Top is again open. As is the bottom, giving full access.

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