Review: OtterBox Defender Case for Samsung Galaxy S3 (4G)

sam2-galaxy-s3-n3-1 Since I have been using my OtterBox Commuter case on my GS3, I have found on occasion I need something a bit more rugged and tougher, this is when the OtterBox Defender case steps in and takes control, for me I like the slimmer feel of the Commuter but love the ruggedness of the Defender I know that I have some tough protection on my device and it will protect it from bumps and knocks, I also like the carry belt clip which I used originally on my Note and will also be looking at it for my Note 2.

I would say most people that travel a lot, work out side or even those that work in a very busy environment would get the best from this case, both Cody and Myself use the Defender case on our GS3 4G devices, it just gives use that much more protection when we visit stores, and if we have to give demoes of the GS3 at least we know that it is protected if it is dropped or bumped.

The Defender Case
From OtterBox…
The Defender Series Samsung Galaxy S3 case offers three layers of protection so you don’t have to fear the inevitable oopsie or accident. The two-piece polycarbonate inner layer snaps together around the device to form a secure foundation. The inner layer includes a built-in screen protector that prevents scratches while interior memory foam pads cradle the device to provide added shock absorption. The outer layer is made up of rugged silicone that wraps around the inner layer to absorb impact. The Defender Series comes with a ratcheting belt holster that can also double as a viewing stand.
  • Complete functionality of the device through the case, including the microphone, speaker, camera and flash
  • Silicone plugs cover the main openings of the phone, including volume controls, power button, headphone jack and micro USB port
  • Three layers of protection include a polycarbonate inner layer, a built-in screen protector and a silicone outer layer
  • Built-in screen protector prevents scratches while retaining the touch sensitivity of the screen.
  • Two-piece polycarbonate inner layer snaps together to form a snug fit around the device.
  • Rugged silicone outer layer wraps around the polycarbonate inner layer to create a rock-solid defense against oopsies like drops and shocks.
  • Rotating belt holster fastens to almost anything and can also double as a media viewing stand. Face the screen outward to use or inward for maximum protection.
Weight and Dimensions:
  • Weight (with holster): 4.64 oz / 131.54 g
  • Dimensions: 5.88 in x 3.47 in x 1.41 in / 148.84 mm x 88.14 mm x 35.81 mm
Environmental Protection:

The Defender Series Samsung Galaxy S3 case provides added protection against bump and shock but is NOT protective against water.

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productGrid-sg3-Def PROTECTION
For those that are more active and out in the elements, then the Defender series gives you that higher protection with three layers of protection with a built in Screen Protector and belt clip.

I can personal testify to the solid construction, I dropped one of my phones with a Defender Case on it while running to catch a train, after sitting down on the train I found that my device was fine and that it had no dints or cracks.


20130102_092332 20130102_092344
Power button Volume control
20130102_092353 20130102_092406
Covered Headphone Jack Opened Headphone Jack
20130102_092423 20130102_092437
Charger port covered Charger port uncovered
20130102_092502 20130102_092512
Fits great in my hand and Camera is open and protected. Close up of the Camera.


The belt clip is light and solid to wear, and the GS3 clicks in with a very nice solid sound. I wore this visiting stores, I found I had to take it off while driving as my car has lower seats so can get jammed against the car seat or seat belt, however was great I could put my GS3 in the cup holder or in my Samsung Generic Phone holder.

20130102_092641 20130102_092647 20130102_092656
20130102_092703 20130102_092710


20130102_093058 20130102_093111
Slight difference, the Defender is larger due to the bulk of the Defender case Volume button located pretty much the same area, the light blue section is the clip for the Belt clip on the Defender Case.
20130102_093122 20130102_093134
Power button again similar location The big difference is here is the Cover for the Headphone Jack on the Defender has a hard plastic edge.
20130102_093141 20130102_093148
The Charger port also on the Defender case has more protection and feels solid The Defender case comes in closer around the edges with a hard plastic just giving that high impact protection.


I believe that if you are the type of person who is on the go and lives life to the most then look no further that the Defender series, and with the wide range of colours and even an option of designing your own colour range.










(White / Gunmetal Grey)


(Glow Green / Lake Blue)


(Pop Purple Transparent / Violet Purple)


(Aqua Blue / Mineral Blue)


(Stone Grey / Peony Pink)

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