MacWorld Biased? Just Stick To The Facts Next Time!

OfficeLogoI just read an article from Roman Loyola from January, earlier this year… a co-worker sent me this article as we have some users at work that use MacOS and we are evaluating moving from Google Apps into other email and office SAAS/Cloud offering from different vendors, MS Office 365 being one of them. By no means we have made up our minds on which one of the offerings we will end up going with… yet.

What a waste of my time… couldn’t be more biased against MS… it presents office 365 small business as if it was more expensive than office for students, which it obviously is if you are in the business of comparing apples to oranges. This outrageous difference is half of what you pay for a single Numbers license from Apple’s office look-a-like offerings, or a mere $20… Instead it should have compared Office Home and Business for Mac 2011 which is $200 per license (Best Buy, retail price, no volume discounts applied). The right comparison would highlight that it saves users $880 if they take advantage of the 5 licenses they can install with this single subscription when compared to the same product as a standalone license…

Office365LogoIt then goes to say that you only get Office for Mac 2011, which in fact is the latest office available for Mac, but of course it fails to mention that ANY future version of Office for Mac to be released will be included in this subscription model such as the version to be released later this year.

It also appears to be shocked when it says that if you stop paying this subscription service, you cannot continue to use the software! What a shocker! How is this any different to say, you stop getting internet access when you stop paying the bill! What do they expect? You stop paying, you get no more service! We are talking about SAAS (software as a service) people… get it? A. Freaking. Service! This is the utility model that so many others have moved into… and by no means or measurement is Microsoft the first one to move into this model…

So instead of paying for 5 licenses upfront ($200 student, or $1000 when properly comparing licenses), you pay $10 a month for the next 2 years which is just $240 for a retail value of $1000…

Hmmm, biased MacWorld? Just stick to the facts next time.

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  • It even gets better than that if rumors from Paul Thurrott to be believed. When Microsoft released the mobile versions of Office, you will be able to not only use some of the seats for 365 for your mobile devices, you will actually get more seats for those devices, maybe 4.

    Apple does a good job of positioning themselves in education but for enterprise, Microsoft has geared almost their whole product line to sync with the needs of business.